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  • Wen-Chang Chang, Taipei Medical University

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Wen-Chang Chang

Wen-Chang Chang

Wen-Chang Chang, Editor-in-chief of Journal of Biomedical Science since 2011, is a world-renowned pharmacologist with more than 30 years experience in the field of lipid mediators.

"Originality is the essence of good scientific research."

Recent News

Welcome to New Associate Editor Chiaho Shih
We warmly welcome Professor Chiaho Shih to join the team of Associate Editors for Journal of Biomedical Science. Prof. Shih has been a contributor to the journal for many years and as a Distinguished Research Fellow from Academia Sinica we believe he will bring much needed help to the journal.

Associate Editors

Ben Berkhout
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Julie YH Chan
Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

Ding-Shinn Chen
National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan

Chen-Kung Chou
Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Ushio Kikkawa
Kobe University, Japan

John T Kung
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Jung-Yaw Lin
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Chiaho Shih
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Lu-Hai Wang
National Health Research Institute, Taiwan

Jang-Yen Wu
Florida Atlantic University, United States of America

The Johns Hopkins University, United States of America

Mao-Hsiung Yen
National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan

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